[rt-users] Possible Exchange Issue

Brian Tinsley BTinsley at x5solutions.com
Thu Apr 22 20:19:47 EDT 2010



I am responsible for a pricing email box. I get and receive emails into
this email box. I also get my normal email in my standard inbox.

What happens is that I can not send from my X5Quotes at x5solutions.com
email box to RT at x5solutions.com. It does not open a new ticket. Nor can
I reply to a ticket that I created inside RT, for instance, I have an
existing ticket and if I reply to it from my X5Quotes at x5solutions.com
email, it doesn't update the ticket. Yet if I reply to it from my inbox,
btinsley at x5solutions.com, it works. 


 RE: [[quotes] #474] AutoReply: Shawn-N042210-Burlington PRI


I need to keep this separate and get it to work from the
X5Quotes at x5solutions.com email box. Does anyone have any suggestions on
what might be wrong?


Another issue is that a lot of our tickets that are created in up in a
general que and we'd like to be able to view that and be able to assign


Thanks RT Experts.


Brian Tinsley




Brian S. Tinsley | Project Manager | Office ( 206 777 6188 | Direct (
206 550 7957 
X5 Solutions| 1520 4th Avenue | Suite 500 | Seattle | WA | 98101 |


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