[rt-users] I am not content with the name "StealTicket"

Jim Tambling Jim.Tambling at datatote.co.uk
Mon Aug 2 10:26:14 EDT 2010

Sorry if I appear to be dismissive of you remarks, but WTF!!?? People
like you who try to change established methods/semantics/ways of
life/etc to make them comply with their narrow-minded set of moral
practices are making the world we live in one of pathetic situations
where for example, my son can not take out Little Red Riding Hood out of
the school library "because it might upset him" due to its "violent"
content. If you don't like the term "steal", change it on your
particular instance of RT but leave the rest of the world alone! I for
one am happy with "stealing" tickets of my colleagues to work on them.
And regarding the "ConfiscateTicket" right, it just goes to show what
sort of bigoted individual you are. Trying to enter in to a dialog about
religious beliefs and "what is right and wrong" on a technical forum is
pathetic, and I feel deeply saddened by having to stoop to your level,
but at the same time I was not going to let the above go unsaid.

Good day to you.

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everybody using RT properly knows the right StealTicket in order to take

a ticket over.  As a believing  Christian, I am not content with that 
name as I do not want to steal anything. It is better to name that right

"TakeTicketOver", so it is granted that the user takes a ticket over 
with permission of the user.

By the RT should create a new right called "ConfiscateTicket", that the 
means that user can confiscate a ticket. Such a right is very useful if 
the ticket contains racial or pornographic content.



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