[rt-users] [Rt-announce] RT for Mobile Devices 0.9

Howard Jones howie at thingy.com
Fri Aug 6 06:41:08 EDT 2010

 On 05/08/2010 22:08, Jesse Vincent wrote:
> We've tested this new UI on the iPhone, Android 2.x, BlackberryOS 4.5
> and 5.0, Kindle 2.5 and in a number of desktop browsers. We've only
> tested this on a recent RT 3.8, but it _should_ work on older versions
> of RT. Reports of failures on 3.6.x or 3.8.x would be much appreciated.
Small documentation note:

Above and beyond the modules needed for RT itself, I needed to install
Module::Install, Module::Install::RTx and Module::Install::Readme to get
Makefile.PL to run. I've never done module packaging, but I thought you
could specify this in the Makefile.PL itself somehow?

The UI itself looks nice though :-) The main menu has a 'Page Not Found'
message at the top for some reason, but it's quite usable - iPhone
3G/3.1, RT 3.8.8


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