[rt-users] Slow MySQL after upgrade from 3.8.6 to 3.8.8

Foggi, Nicola NFOGGI at depaul.edu
Wed Aug 18 10:01:50 EDT 2010

I had the same problem and ended up dropping the Groups2 index and performance went back to "normal"


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                Since upgrading from 3.8.6 to 3.8.8 our RT system has
been very slow to return any pages containing ticket data such as the
home page, searches and tickets themselves.


I enabled the MySQL slow running query log and this was at the top of
the list:


mysqldumpslow -t 10 /var/log/mysql/mysql-slow.log

Reading mysql slow query log from /var/log/mysql/mysql-slow.log

Count: 47  Time=10.12s (475s)  Lock=0.00s (0s)  Rows=1.0 (47),



Any ideas?



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