[rt-users] Requiring CF to be defined on resolve

Francis L Fabrizio fabrizio at uab.edu
Mon Aug 23 18:05:01 EDT 2010

> In Ticket/Update.html, you should look at code that call
> /Elements/ValidateCustomFields and do something like this. (i.e. set
> check_failure=1;

Looked at this for a couple more hours this afternoon and decided to abandon the ScripAction approach and try to accomplish this via callback instead.  Unfortunately, the checks_failure variable is not exposed to any of the callbacks in Update.html like it is in Create.html.  That appears to make it very difficult to cause a ticket update to fail from a callback.  Is overlaying the entire Update.html file the only way to accomplish this?  Was trying to avoid that and the resulting headaches with future upgrades if possible.  Any ideas?


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