[rt-users] Sorting e-mail into queues automatically using procmail

Nicôle Layne nlayne at telebarbados.com
Tue Aug 24 16:37:11 EDT 2010

This is under the assumption that all queues are correctly setup and e-mail enabled through the web interface, and the reply address has format <queue-name>@rt.mydomain.com and comment address has format <queue-name>-comment at rt.mydomain.com.


I'm trying to get incoming e-mail to automatically go directly into whichever queue/ticket they are related to or create a new ticket if no matching ones exist.


I will have too many queues to have two line items within mailgate or the aliases file per queue.


I'm able to send and receive e-mail (via PostFix) to the default rt user and this user successfully accepts all e-mail for the rt.mydomain.com domain.


Since enabling procmail and the following scripts, I have no idea where the e-mail goes - it's successfully delivered, but it does not update existing tickets (with a Subject line match) and it does not create any new. It's not even in rt's mailbox.


Here's an example of my procmail.log:


--- Logging /home/rt/procmail_log.log

 for rt, 

procmail: [8153] Mon Aug 23 21:30:56 2010

procmail: Assigning "MAILDOMAIN=rt.mydomain.com


procmail: Assigning "RT_MAILGATE=/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate


procmail: Assigning "RT_URL=http://rt.mydomain.com/


procmail: Assigning "LOGABSTRACT=all


procmail: Skipped "


procmail: Skipped "


procmail: Assigning "LASTFOLDER={


procmail: Opening "{


procmail: Acquiring kernel-lock

procmail: Notified comsat: "rt at 35475:./{


>From me at mydomain.com  Mon Aug 23 21:30:56 2010

 Subject: Creating environmental ticket

  Folder: {                                                                                                             


The contents of my ./procmailrc:



                SHELL=/bin/sh               #Use the Bourne shell (check your path!)

                #MAILDIR=${HOME}        #First check what your mail directory is!




                LOG="--- Logging ${LOGFILE} for ${LOGNAME}, "












                # the following line extracts the recipient from Received-headers.

                # Simply using the To: does not work, as tickets are often created

                # by sending a CC/BCC to RT

                TO=`formail -c -xReceived: |grep $MAILDOMAIN |sed -e 's/.*for *<*\(.*\)>* *;.*$/\1/'`

                QUEUE=`echo $TO| $HOME/get_queue.pl`

                ACTION=`echo $TO| $HOME/get_action.pl`

                :0 h b w 

                |/usr/bin/perl $RT_MAILGATE --queue $QUEUE --action $ACTION --url $RT_URL



I have tested get_queue.pl and get_action.pl scripts successfully but let me know if including them helps.


Any help and/or guidance you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,



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