[rt-users] Changing when a custom field is validated

alister at gossamer-threads.com alister at gossamer-threads.com
Wed Aug 25 01:34:16 EDT 2010

Hi rt-users,

I have created a Custom Field 'Unit' with a new RT install.
I gave it the '(?#Mandatory).' validation regex and a possible list of 3

I require this field to be filled in before it changes Queue but it seems
like it is only checked before the ticket is resolved. I can still update
Priority, change Queues, etc. the only restriction seems to be on resolving
a ticket.
I checked the mailing lists and wiki but can't find anymore information on

I would like to know if I can block any changes to a ticket until this
field is validated. I was hoping I could have a scrip on the ChangeQueue
event but I can't workout how to stop a transaction. 

Has anyone done this before or know an approach I could use?

Thanks in advance,


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