[rt-users] Extensions

Michael Finn mfinn at nbutexas.com
Wed Aug 25 14:55:38 EDT 2010

> Set(@Plugins,(qw(RT::FM)));
> Set(@Plugins,(qw(RTx::EmailCompletion)));
> Set(@Plugins,(qw(RT::Extension::ToggleSuperUser)));
> Set(@Plugins,(qw(RT::Extension::QueueDeactivatedScrips)));
> How should I list this? And do I reinstall then after I correct this, or just correct the "Set(@Plugins, ...)" line and restart Apache?

Set(@Plugins,(qw(RT::FM RTx::EmailCompletion RT::Extension::ToggleSuperUser RT::Extension::QueueDeactivatedScrips)));

(above is one line)
No reinstall necessary; just bounce Apache.

'qw' takes a space-separated list and turns it into the quoted list format needed for the Set command.
(see http://perlmeme.org/howtos/perlfunc/qw_function.html for examples)


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