[rt-users] how to get timestamp for CFs in RT

Rahul Chaturvedi rahul.rk1979 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 04:35:02 EDT 2010


I am using RT 3.8.8 with postgres 8.4.4 on slackware 13.1. Recently i have
applied a patch to rt "RT_Date_CustomField-3.8.8.patch" to created date CFs
in RT. My time zone is UTC "Set($Timezone , 'US/Eastern')"

Now my CFs are populated with the date but with no timestamp ( 2010-08-30
00:00:00). My CFs should show these values. I have checked the steps to be
followed in "timezones_in_charts.pod" but didn't work.

Please let me know if there fix for the same.

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