[rt-users] log deleting saved search

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Mon Aug 30 10:57:00 EDT 2010

On Sun, Aug 29, 2010 at 05:37:04PM +0430, Payam Poursaied wrote:
>    Hi all
>    We have a special case in our company and I could not handle it. We have several supervisor
>    who have access to modify saved search for a group. It seems that one of the supervisors
>    delete saved search ( and I think he/she doesn't know even her/himself!) and we couldn't find
>    him/her
>    First: I could not find any relevant log in rt.log or in httpd-access.log to trace the case.
>    Is there any? If not, is it possible to have this feature in the future?
>    Second: as same as tickets: when a ticket deleted, it would not really deleted, just its
>    status changed, is it possible to implement the same method for other objects liked
>    saved-searches in Attributes table?

You could certainly do it, but Attributes doesn't currently have a
Disabled flag or other way to track which attributes should be skipped
on read.  This is one of the few RT tables where deletion really means

Adding a log for Deleting saved searches would be really

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