[rt-users] RT::Extension::Nagios

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Wed Dec 1 12:20:36 EST 2010

On Wed, Dec 01, 2010 at 02:31:20PM +0000, Joshua A. Fiske - jfiske wrote:
>    Hi folks,
>    I'm trying to get RT::Extension::Nagios to work properly with my RT installation.  I'm running
>    RT-3.8.8 on Centos 5.5 and all other functions are working as expected.
>    To setup this extension, I've created a new queue named Nagios and have notifications from
>    Nagios sent to that queue's email address.  Tickets are created, but are not merged or
>    auto-closed on RECOVERY notification.  I have added the following to my RT_SiteConfig.pm:
>    Set($NagiosMergeTickets , 1);
>    Set(@Plugins, qw(RT::Extension::MobileUI), qw(RT::Extension::Gravatar),
>    qw(RT::Extension::Nagios));
>    Am I missing something simple?  Does anyone else have this plugin working?

Ensure that the scrip that this extension sets up (ie. that you ran
make initdb)

Check perldoc lib/RT/Extension/Nagios.pm and ensure that your ticket
subjects match the regular expression that the module is using

And what do your logs say?

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