[rt-users] Google crawlers.

Mark Jenks mark.jenks at iodincorporated.com
Thu Dec 9 07:37:13 EST 2010

I posted some links here when I was having problems with RT3.   Now
google is showing up with those links and is now trying to crawl my


I tried to drop robots.txt into the html folder, but it goes to the
logon screen instead of showing me the robots.txt file.


What do I need to do?     Could we remove my original post from
gossamer?  Or how do I get the robots.txt file to work?


I know they can only get to the front screen of RT without logging in,
but I don't want it to show up in google search at all.







Mark Jenks

Network Administrator


1030 Ontario Road  Green Bay, WI 54311  p: 920.406.3702


mark.jenks at iodincorporated.com


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