[rt-users] Possible to downgrade DB from 3.8 to 3.6?

Stuart Browne stuart.browne at ausregistry.com.au
Mon Dec 13 17:48:19 EST 2010

> > CPAN makes me cranky, but trying to package all the perl modules as RPMs
> > makes me crankier. It's like wrapping one packaging system around
> another
> > one, and fighting with both of them.

I've done this quite successfully.  I've got RH distributed perl + packages plus those that I've manually packaged for RT to operate correctly living side by side.  

> > The reality is, every time RHEL updates perl, RT will break. I solve
> this
> > by having an identical test system. I apply the updates, see what
> breaks,
> > and then reinstall the perl modules in question using CPAN.

I've not had a RH update break my RT system in over a year, and that was because one of my packages was badly done.

You just have to figure out which packages are conflicting badly (CGI, Encode and File::Temp for instance) and make sure it's using vendor_perl instead of site_perl installation locations and sometimes relocate some man pages to avoid conflicts. 

> > I am used to this, but it is less than ideal.
> >
> > RHEL is a major platform, and I'd love it if BestPractical supported it
> > in some official way so we don't have these kinds of problems we have to
> > work around.
> >
> > Still, I love RT and praise it to anyone who will listen.

Agreed :)


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