[rt-users] mail.log 403 Forbidden

Wagner Pereira wpereira at pop-sp.rnp.br
Thu Jan 28 08:01:21 EST 2010


Yes, I am already able to access the RT via web interface: 

That's interesting: when I try to access 

I get:

RT/3.6.7 401 Credentials required

But, listen: this Best Practical REST's page seems very geek to me! 
Sincerely, I am not sure if I can do something of that.  : (

Thank you a lot.


Wagner Pereira

PoP-SP/RNP - Ponto de Presença da RNP em São Paulo
CCE/USP - Centro de Computação Eletrônica da Universidade de São Paulo
Tel. (11) 3091-8901

Matthew Seaman escreveu:
> On 28/01/2010 12:14, Wagner Pereira wrote:
>> Matthew,
>> I tried to change the /usr/local/bin/rt-mailgate-3.6 line 102,
>> eliminating the slash before REST, in line #102, but it is still the
>> same thing. The same log.
> OK.  Can you access your RT instance via a web browser in the normal
> way?
> What happens if you try following the instructions at the top of
> http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/REST ? ie.  Go to:
> https://rtracker.rt.pop-sp.rnp.br/rt/REST/1.0
> 	Cheers,
> 	Matthew
> PS. Can you keep the rt-users mailing list in the loop please?  It's to
> your advantage as there will be more people potentially able to help.

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