[rt-users] Different rights in queues for different unprivileged users

Gerard FENELON gerard at eve-team.com
Tue Jun 1 10:32:11 EDT 2010

> Hello,
> I want to create some unprivileged users and get rights for create
> ticket to everyone to different queues. If I have two unprivileged
> users: user1 and user2, and two queues: queue1 and queue2, I would like
> that user1 can only create tickets on queue1 and user2 con only create
> tickets on queue2.
> I have seen that when I configure the rights for a queue, I can
> configure the rights for all the unprivileged users, but not for one of
> them.
> I think that the best think to do that is to add an unprivileged user to
> a group and assign the rights to the group, but I can't add unprivileged
> users to a group.
> Somebody can help me?
> I'm using RT version 3.6.3
> Best regards


my solution to this one was to create groups with the appropriate 
rights, temporarily give privileges to the user(s), add the user(s) to 
the group, and remove privileges from the user(s).

I am not sure that it was designed this way on purpose in RT but it works.

I am using RT 3.6.10


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