[rt-users] Additional status in Quicksearch results but not in Quicksearch box

Markus.Kummer at t-systems.com Markus.Kummer at t-systems.com
Wed Jun 2 07:27:06 EDT 2010

Hi Everybody,

I upgraded from RT 3.4.6 to RT 3.8.8.

In 3.4.6 it was possible to extend the default Quicksearch results to include other status than "new and open" without showing them in the Quicksearch box as a new column on the RT at a glance page.
I added the following to etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm 

@ActiveStatus = qw(new open accepted fixed verified) unless @ActiveStatus;
@InactiveStatus = qw(resolved rejected deleted) unless @InactiveStatus;

That created the new status accepted fixed verified and rejected.

I changed local/html/Elements/Quicksearch 

--- my $all_q = "Queue = '$qid' AND (Status = 'open' OR Status = 'new')";
+++ my $all_q = "Queue = '$qid' AND ( Status = 'new' OR Status = 'open' OR Status = 'accepted' OR Status = 'fixed' OR Status = 'verified')";

and the new status showed up on the Quicksearch results page but not in the QuickSearch box itself.

In RT 3.8.8 this doesn't work anymore:

Adding the new status "accepted fixed and verified" to

Set(@ActiveStatus, qw(new open stalled));

the status appear as expected in the ticket creation form but additionally as a new column in the Quick Search Box also.
Adding them to

Set(@InactiveStatus, qw(accepted fixed verified resolved rejected deleted));

gives me the new status for ticket creation. They don't show up in the Quick Search box but in the Qicksearch results neither.
After searching the mailing list archives (e.g. http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/rt/users/86368?search_string=Quicksearch;#86368) I edited the html/Elements/Quicksearch file as follows

--- my @conditions = ();
+++ my @conditions = ( {cond => "Status = 'accepted'", name => loc ('accepted') },
+++ {cond => "Status = 'fixed'", name => loc ('fixed') },
+++ {cond => "Status = 'verified'", name => loc ('verified') },
+++ {cond => "Status = 'requested'", name => loc ('rejected') } );

The result is the same as setting them in the ActiveStatus in RT_SiteConfig.pm.
The status show up in the Quicksearch box as a new column "AND" on the Quicksearch results page.

Is it possible to configure RT to exclude the extra status in the Quicksearch box but still see them in the results?

Thank you for any help,


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