[rt-users] DB performance

Agnislav Onufrijchuk Agnislav.Onufrijchuk at portaone.com
Fri Jun 4 04:26:19 EDT 2010

03.06.2010 17:23, rmp dmd wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently our RT DB is about 308M.  Not much but with nagios alerts,
> production issues, customer problems, Im seeing the DB growing quickly.
> I need to make sure that DB will not affect the RT performance.
> Kindly help on how I can check DB integrity, and make sure that DB will not
> slow RT.
The first question is: what db do you use? mysql/postgres/oracle? Different DBs
requires different approaches.

The second question is: what db do you use?

The third and the rest of questions are rely on DB.

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