[rt-users] Hashes in Collectionlist for Users

Wolfram Huettermann wolfram.huettermann at desy.de
Thu Jun 17 04:38:12 EDT 2010

Hello out there,

in Admin/Users/index.html (surely on the local-path), in the 
<%init%>-part I implemented a hash which looks like that:

my %NumHash = (21 => "foo",
                23 => "bar",
               25 => "entry",
               29 => "exit");
It is for sure that $NumHash{21} displays foo, for instance.

I want to get a list with the following entries:

#       RealName            NumHash
13      Obama, Barack   
21      Reagan, Ronald      foo
23      Clinton, Bill       bar
25      Nixon, Richard      entry
29      Washington, George  exit

I do not think that $NumHash{__id__}  works if I implement it in the 
format string of my collection list. What can I do else?  

Thanks in advance.

Wolfram Hüttermann
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