[rt-users] Some Implementation Questions

AJ Ferrigno aj.ferrigno at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 09:14:25 EDT 2010


We have just installed RT and are trying to roll it out to our
internal folks. At a demo yesterday, some of our senior members had a
number of questions about RT's capabilities. I was able to answer some
based on research, but here are a couple outstanding ones I couldn't
answer. Does anyone here know answers to some of these questions?

1.) We'd like to keep users who create tickets from being able to
assign those tickets an owner. (The owner would be assigned either
automatically via Scrips or manually via a separate queue manager.) I
understand that the "Modify Ticket" priv keeps users from changing an
existing ticket's owner, but it still seems to allow a user to create
a ticket and immediately assign that new ticket an owner on the same
screen. Is there a way we can remove that capability, or maybe even
remove that owner drop-down from the new ticket display altogether?

2.) Is there any way to include screenshots (or other images) in the
ticket body? I see there is a multitude of options for rich text
display, including a "paste from Word" but I don't see anything about
images. When pasting an image from Word, it just shows up blank,
although the blank image is the correct size. It looks like it's
trying real hard to make it work. Is this something that is being
worked on, or is it technically not feasible?

3.) I see the group priv "Create Group Dashboard" but I don't see how
one actually does create a Group Dashboard (as opposed to a personal
or System dashboard). I can't find anything in the interface. Googling
this feature yields nothing. Dashboads aren't in the RT Essentials
book at all. Is there any reference out there for configuring Group
Dashboards specifically?

Thanks in advance,

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