[rt-users] A little perl scrip help

Mark Jenks mark.jenks at iodincorporated.com
Fri Jun 18 15:06:42 EDT 2010

So you're saying it should be this?     Like I said, I'm pretty much
trying to hack my way through this. If you could complete this for me,
it would be great.

Do I need to do anything to "domain.com" to escape the "." ?

if (($Transaction->CreatorObj->id != $RT::Nobody->id) &&
    ($Ticket->QueueObj->AdminCc->MembersObj !~ m/domain.com/i) &&
    (!$Transaction->CreatorObj->Privileged) &&
    ($Transaction->CreatorObj->__Value('Password') eq '*NO-PASSWORD*')

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The iterator is: $Ticket->QueueObj->AdminCc->MembersObj

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