[rt-users] RT::Authen::ExternalAuth - Update LDAP information

Matthias Rieber ml-rt at zu-con.org
Fri Jun 25 10:33:14 EDT 2010


I've a few questions about RT::Authen::ExternalAuth module. I've 
installed it and I can:

1. Authenticate using LDAP accounts and
2. Email addresses in new tickets will be looked up, and the configured 
values like RealName, WorkPhone will be put in the appropriate fields.

It seems that both databases are active now. I can use my LDAP password 
and my former RT password. Is that the expected behaviour or might there 
a problem with my configuration? Is there a proper way to erase the 
internal password?

Is it possible to refresh the information that has been pulled from 
LDAP? For instance if employees move to another department or get a new 
phone number?


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