[rt-users] Avoiding multiple invocations of Scrips on Custom field changes

Otmar Lendl ol at bofh.priv.at
Mon Jun 28 06:18:39 EDT 2010

This has bitten us today:

Our application links some other database to RT tickets based on Custom
Field values. (IP addresses in RTIR tickets to be specific)

The way we implemented this is to trigger on any IP address custom field
change and perform a resync of the ticket to the external application. All
good and fine, but this really blows if a ticket has a *lot* of IP
addresses in equally many CFs. In that case, our linking scrip performs the
whole synchronization action not once, but once per IP address (as they are
added to the ticket via the RTIR filter).

I would rather want to avoid to make the linking scrip incremental (i.e.
make it just look at the added/removed IP-address), as this would make it
more complex and error-prone.

So: is there a way to bunch all these individual transactions that add
single CFs and trigger a script when they are all done?

thanks for any help,

-=-  Otmar Lendl  --  ol at bofh.priv.at  --  http://lendl.priv.at/  -=-

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