[rt-users] Multiple actions from rt-crontool

Nick Kartsioukas change+lists.rt at nightwind.net
Mon Jun 28 16:21:21 EDT 2010

I thought I had this working, but on further testing it appears that
rt-crontool is only performing the last action argument passed to it.
This is what I'm trying to do:
rt-crontool --search RT::Search::FromSQL --search-arg "Status =
'stalled' AND Starts < 'tomorrow' AND Starts > 'NULL' " --action
RT::Action::SetStatus --action-arg "open" --action
RT::Action::RecordComment --template 'Started Ticket'

With that command, a comment is recorded, but the ticket state is not
changed to open.  If I swap the setstatus and recordcomment actions
around, then the status is changed, but the comment is not recorded.

Is it just not possible to have rt-crontool perform two actions on the
same search?

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