[rt-users] RT Mobile for iPhone (Dustin Collins)

Steve McStravick smcstravick at eyelit.com
Tue Jun 29 08:44:44 EDT 2010

> > >As a first step, it would probably be easier to create a special 
> > >stylesheet to create the "illusion" of an app.
> > 
> > Yes, my first thought was that a mobile stylesheet might make it 
> > easier to use RT on a mobile device.  It could be done on the server 
> > side, rather than the client (but then it's not an app you can sell).
> It's not that hard to put together a reasonable mobile UI for RT,
especially if we start reasonably small.  That would have the advantage of
working on many platforms instead of just one. 
> How many of you need offline-ability for your mobile RT usage?
> -Jesse
ME !!
It would be very handy for us, since we're always travelling, so access from
Blackberry/IPhone/Android/etc. would make things easier.
We are currently trying to roll-out RT here and are trying our best with RSS
feeds and command-by-email, but an actual mobile RT would be great.
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