[rt-users] Upgrading from RT 3.6.5

Patton, Brandon Brandon.Patton at aspireindiana.org
Tue Jun 29 10:42:44 EDT 2010

I'm in the process of trying to upgrade now and I've gotten to the part of updating the database and I get the following error. Can anyone help me?

root at nethealth:/opt/rt3/sbin# ./rt-setup-database --dba root --prompt-for-dba-password --action upgrade
In order to create or update your RT database, this script needs to connect to your  mysql instance on localhost as root
Please specify that user's database password below. If the user has no database
password, just press return.

Working with:
Type:   mysql
Host:   localhost
Name:   rtdb
User:   rtuser
DBA:    root
Couldn't finish 'upgrade' step.

ERROR: Couldn't read dir './etc/upgrade' with upgrade data

The upgrade directory is there, not sure why it can't read it. Of course, I'm not an expert on permissions either.

root at nethealth:/opt/rt3/etc# ls -l
total 196
-r--------  1 root          www              90 2010-06-28 15:53 acl.Informix
-r--------  1 root          www             859 2010-06-28 15:53 acl.mysql
-r--------  1 root          www              27 2010-06-28 15:53 acl.Oracle
-r--------  1 root          www            1912 2010-06-28 15:53 acl.Pg
-r--------  1 root          www             232 2010-06-28 15:53 acl.Sybase
-r--------  1 root          www           22776 2010-06-28 15:53 initialdata
-r--r-----  1 root          www           46335 2010-06-28 15:53 RT_Config.pm
-rw-r-----  1 root          www            1027 2010-06-28 16:11 RT_SiteConfig.pm
-r--------  1 root          www           10518 2010-06-28 15:53 schema.Informix
-r--------  1 root          www           13236 2010-06-28 15:53 schema.mysql-4.0
-r--------  1 root          www           14164 2010-06-28 15:53 schema.mysql-4.1
-r--------  1 root          www           11776 2010-06-28 15:53 schema.Oracle
-r--------  1 root          www           13904 2010-06-28 15:53 schema.Pg
-r--------  1 root          www           10769 2010-06-28 15:53 schema.SQLite
-r--------  1 root          www           11550 2010-06-28 15:53 schema.Sybase
drwxr-xr-x 25 administrator administrator  4096 2010-06-28 15:52 upgrade

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Ungh, Ubuntu as a server.

Leaving that aside, simply use the package manager (something like
Synaptic in the GUI) to check where the files for the rt package are
Back those up if you have concerns about possible customizations done
to core instead of local code. Backup your database. Then:

A) Update your system to something more modern, and install the
corresponding rt package
B) Download the source tarball from Best Practical, and follow the
enclosed directions

P.S. /opt/rt3 is the default path, for some reason several
distributions like Ubuntu like to shove stuff under
/usr/local/packageName and give users longer pathnames to deal with.

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