[rt-users] RT 3.8.7 fails to send email sometimes - cannot allocate memory?

Chris Herrmann chrisherrmann7 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 20:43:21 EDT 2011

Yes, I've grabbed the mrtgs for memory usage, and at about 9:30am yesterday
free ram plummeted on the box, and cleared itself up at about 12:30 or
shortly before I started looking at it. There are a few times a day when
free memory gets very low, but they don't correlate with cron jobs...

I've tried tuning the following parameters in apache:

    MaxClients          50

    MaxRequestsPerChild   10000

dropping from 150, 0 respectively. The server doesn't host any high volume /
usage sites and spends most of it's day counting sheep so I'd rather the
(presumably) extra memory allocated per child and auto-cycling children in
case of memory leaks. I'll watch this for a few days and see how memory
usage on the box compares then report back.
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