[rt-users] Submitting tickets via emai is causing rt-server.fcgi to hang

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Tue Aug 2 08:39:03 EDT 2011

Good evening,

On 1/08/11 at 7:31 PM +1000, Charlie Garrison 
<garrison at zeta.org.au> wrote:

>I've upgraded a v3.6.6 setup to v4.0.1 and some tickets being 
>created via email are causing perl process to hang (or appear 
>to hang) with 99% CPU (& ticket doesn't get created either). It 
>doesn't happen with all messages and I'm stuck trying to work 
>out why some messages are causing it.

After doing more testing it appears that multi-part messages (or 
messages with attachements) are causing the RT processes to 
hang. Can anyone think of a reason for that, or how I can 
troubleshoot it?


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