[rt-users] Re-opening tickets as 'nobody'

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Thu Aug 4 10:47:00 EDT 2011

On Thu, Aug 04, 2011 at 02:29:37PM +0100, Mark Goodge wrote:
> Hi,
> How can I configure RT so that a ticket which has previously been
> assigned to a user and resolved is automatically re-assigned back to
> the default of 'nobody' if re-opened by an incoming email?
> To give some background on this request, we've recently switched
> from a normal, 9-5 weekday only working week for customer services
> to an extended hours 7-day operation. What that means is that if a
> customer replies to a ticket which has previously been closed, the
> CS rep who originally dealt with it may not be on shift when the
> reply comes in. So, instead of opening back up in their own queue,
> we want all re-opened tickets to appear in the default queue so that
> they're available to be taken by the first person who is free to
> deal with it.
> I'm not an RT expert, so if this kind of thing is already answered
> in the documentation then feel free to just point me at the right
> place.

The On Reopen condition will trigger any time the ticket moves from an
inactive status to an active status.  You could use that plus a 1 line
custom action to set the owner to nobody, if you're ok with the
possible failure modes (internal user manually reopening a ticket). If
you need it to be explicitly a part of the On Correspond Open Tickets
scrip, you'll need to extend the AutoOpen action a bit to change
the owner.

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