[rt-users] Looking for an example of how to send a different autoreply text based on the email address receiving the ticket

Emmanuel Lacour elacour at easter-eggs.com
Wed Aug 17 09:35:57 EDT 2011

On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 01:59:46PM -0400, Gilbert Rebeiro wrote:
> Hi,
> We have 2 email addresses (1 for english speaking clients and 1 for
> french speaking clients) that receive ticket requests.
> I was wondering if anyone can help with an example of a scrip that
> would send a different autoreply (english reply if sent to
> support at domain.com) (french reply with sent to
> supporttechnique at domain.com) when a new ticket is created in the
> general queue depending on the email address that the ticket was
> sent to.
> So if I understand how it works, the template would contain some
> perl code that examines the email address to and auto-replies using
> one text else it replies with another text.

My idea (untested, needs error checking): 
- create two standard templates: autoreply-fr, autoreply-en
- use a Custom action for the autoreply scrip with the following prepare code:

my $lang;

foreach my $header(qw(To Cc)) {
    last (if $lang );
    foreach my $recipient (Email::Address->parse($message->head->get( $header ) ) ) {
        if ( $recipient =~ /^support\@domain\.com$/ ) {
            $lang = 'en';
        } elsif ( $recipient =~ /^supporttechnique\@domain\.com$/ ) {
            $lang = 'fr';

# Default to english
$lang = 'en' unless ( $lang );

my $Template = RT::Template->new( $RT::SystemUser );

require RT::Action::Autoreply;
bless($self, 'RT::Action::Autoreply');
$self->{Argument} = 'Requestor';
$self->{TemplateObj} = $Template;
return 1;

You can of course also use the header parsing code directly in the template, but I like the idea to have template per language.

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