[rt-users] Install... Almost there!!!

John Allman john.allman at vendormate.com
Wed Aug 17 11:38:44 EDT 2011

That did it! It's installed and running great now, thanks!

> But you've lost all of the documentation provided in RT_Config.pm

Actually the comments are still there. The command doesn't make any changes to RT_Config.pm.  what I did strips the comments out and puts the rest into RT_SiteConfig.pm. This way I get all the upgraded comments which I can go in and read but then when I go to make changes I don't have to sort through a huge file. It makes it much easier if I'm testing something new. I can also look and see if there are any conflicts or problems quickly without having to scroll through a huge file with a lot of comments.

So I'm keeping the comments AND getting a easy to configure file for the changes I want to make. Plus I'll receive all the updates to the comments I need.

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On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 07:51:39AM -0700, John Allman wrote:
> Thank you for your responses... I'm not much of a perl person so the CPAN module thing is a little new to me. I've put in what I know from it below. As far as I can tell it is using the CPAN module... is there somewhere I need to look and see if something is conflicting?
> This is what looks right to me:
> # cpanm Scalar::Util
> Scalar::Util is up to date. (1.23)

cpanm --force Scalar::Util

> Kevin Falcone:
> > Don't do this, only copy what you want to change.  Otherwise you miss updates to defaults RT_Config.pm and are unable to tell what you've modified from stock.
> Which is why I've commented out everything I'm not using. I'll be able to tell what I've changed from stock by what isn't commented out. Note the "# " in the sed command

But you've lost all of the documentation provided in RT_Config.pm


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