[rt-users] Dump all except tickets+attachments?

Chr. von Stuckrad real-stucki at mi.fu-berlin.de
Thu Aug 18 11:58:02 EDT 2011

On Thu, 18 Aug 2011, Jeff Blaine wrote:

> and duplicate it onto a development box but not have the huge
> database full of tickets and ticket-related data.

Exactly what we wanted to do then.

> Bourne shell syntax is shown below:
> SHREDDED=`rt-shredder --plugin "Tickets=query,id > 0;limit,100"
... -------------------------------------------------^^^^^^^^^^^

And THIS ^^^^ seems to be the exact difference to what I tried then,
you made it into a loop of 100 Tickets each until empty ...
Needing the duplicate 'tomorrow morning' I never tried it that way,
but thanks for showing, that it 'should have worked' :-))

Would you consider restricting the 'query' to one specific queue
and cleaning that queue completely, to be safe enough for applying
it to a production-RT? (We did split an RT into two completely
independent Hosts. Everything is already logically independent,
both are working with copies of the complete former state, changeing
only 'their half' of the data. Only the leftover halves could be
shredded (same problem again, but 'more dangerous' on a working
instance which must not be damaged).


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