[rt-users] Workflow for comments or changing CC to BCC

Thomas Sibley trs at bestpractical.com
Tue Aug 23 10:28:47 EDT 2011

On 08/23/2011 09:52 AM, Lars Reimann wrote:
> Because we have watcher groups for external and internal people. Both
> are member of administrative cc (BCC) at the moment. But the external
> people should _not_ receive (internal) comments and also do not want to
> be added as CC either (only BCC is acceptable for them and us).

AdminCc is not just another name for Bcc.  It is treated differently
than Cc by a stock RT.  This is the reason your external AdminCc
watchers are receiving internal comments, because out of the box RT's
scrips send comments to AdminCcs, but not Ccs.

Changing Ticket/Queue Ccs to actually be Bcced would be a bit of work,
or might be possible with some really clever templates.


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