[rt-users] Using Scrips assign CustomFields to incoming Tickets (from a pre-defined list of Custom Fields)

Payam Poursaied me at payam124.com
Fri Aug 26 08:30:44 EDT 2011

Hi Behzad

As you mentioned, you want to update both on create and correspond. The scip parameters says it would only trigger on

Have you tried to modify the condition to "On Create" or clone this scrip and change the condition of new one to "On


I didn't go through your code but that condition make sense



          My code below (Scrip) simply parses the Subject line of incoming tickets, and "should" attempt to create (&
update) an incoming Ticket based on what shows up in the Subject line.




          Tickets do get created as I send my emails to RT, yet they do not get set with the Custom Field (from a
pre-defined set of custom fields), and Custom Field stays as "no value"


A) my Scrip parameters (using the web interface)


Scrip Description:      OnCreateAddCF

Condition:                             On Correspond

Action:                                              User Defined

Template:                               Correspondence-XYZ

Stage:                                                TransactionCreate


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