[rt-users] User email address bug(s)

David Chandek-Stark david.chandek.stark at duke.edu
Tue Aug 30 10:34:11 EDT 2011

RT 3.8.5
RT::Extension::MergeUsers 0.03

I have confirmed a case with this setup as follows:

User A - relevant history
  - Tue Dec 07 13:43:34 2010 RT_System - User created
  - Fri Aug 12 13:50:22 2011 RT_System - EmailAddress changed from
'user at example.com' to ''

User B - relevant history
  - Fri Aug 12 13:50:12 2011 privuser - User created
  - Fri Aug 12 13:50:22 2011 privuser - EmailAddress changed from '
user at example.com' to 'user at example.com'

User B's email not only was allowed to be created with a leading space,
but was then allowed to be changed to a value already in use by User A --
and set A's email to "0" (presumably

Are these known bugs with RT 3.8.5 and/or MergeUsers 0.03?  I am planning
to upgrade RT and MergeUsers, but would like to know what's going on here.


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