[rt-users] Rt-4.0.x ie8 and PIE.htc issue

Scott sthild at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 12:25:13 EDT 2011

Has anyone determined how to fix this issue?  I did comment out the 
PIE.htc line as described here,


but that does not work for us.  The Tickets with many replies starts to 
"squeeze"  as you scroll down the page till the data looks like
one big line.  Of course, Firefox and ie9 work fine.  I talked to our IT 
dept and they are to push out ie9 to the end users that don't have XP
and manually install Firefox on the XP desktops (most will be gone by 
end of year).  Just thought I would post again to see if there was
any other solution or is just not going to compatible ie8?  Also, I 
noticed this to be an issue with external auth (maybe rewrites affect it).
I don't notice the issue with the issue.bestpractical.com or if I turn 
off external auth on an rt-4.0.2 install on my server.


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