[rt-users] Link values to - use multiple CF values

Stuart Browne stuart.browne at ausregistry.com.au
Wed Aug 31 22:05:57 EDT 2011

> I'd just do a custom display of that Custom Field and build the link
> myself, rather than trying to extend the link to functionality.
> You'll probably find the ShowComponentName callback useful


Thanks for the suggestion.

This is what I ended up with.

# Bail if the ticket doesn't have a value in the 'Mingle Card Number' CF.
if ($CustomField->Name eq 'Mingle Card Number') {
# Construct URL to Mingle
        my $MingleCard    = $Object->FirstCustomFieldValue('Mingle Card Number');
        if (defined $MingleCard && $MingleCard) {
                my $MingleProject = $Object->FirstCustomFieldValue('Mingle Project');
                if ($MingleProject eq '') {
                        $MingleProject = 'dnr';
                printf("<a target='_new' href='http://URL/projects/%s/cards/%s'>(Click)</a> - http://URL/projects/%s/cards/", $MingleProject, $MingleCard, $MingleProject);
$Name => undef
$CustomField => undef
$Object => undef

It has one limitation sadly, I can't stop RT from printing the value of the custom field (thus the weird '(Click) - ...'), but this is enough for now ;)


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