[rt-users] RT4 Tab Callback

Jérôme Charaoui jcharaoui at cmaisonneuve.qc.ca
Wed Nov 9 15:29:56 EST 2011


I'd like to introduce an extra tab in the RT4 ticket display page that 
links to an URL based on the ticket's Id number.

I understand I need to use the Elements/Tabs/Privileged callback, but 
since no arguments are passed to it, I'm not sure how I could access the 
required context elements, such as the current ticket object.

In this message [1], it's said that one should use the PageMenu ou Menu 
methods in that callback, but it doesn't seem like I can pull any useful 
information from there.


Jerome Charaoui

[1] http://lists.fsck.com/pipermail/rt-users/2011-August/071994.html

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