[rt-users] kiosk mode?

Bart bart at pleh.info
Thu Nov 10 13:53:13 EST 2011

We've managed this with a spare iMac:

   - I think we used Safari, made sure it remembers sessions and stores
   account info (or another browser, either way the browser rebuilds the
   session during startup, seems to work for us).
   - When we start the Mac it automatically logs in and during login it
   automatically starts the browser.

>From there all you have to do is make sure that the kiosk user has proper
privileges and that the dashboard is configured.

I should think that something similar should be pretty much doable for any
OS, but you'll have to depend on the browser capabilities.

-- Bart

2011/11/10 Yan Seiner <yan at seiner.com>

> We're planning to set up a display in one of the crew areas that displays
> their current projects.
> To goal is to have it completely automated; the computer gets turned on
> and it auto-logs in to a default user, runs a browser, and brings up a
> default RT dashboard.
> Is anyone aware of a plugin that would allow RT to log in automatically as
> a particular user?
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