[rt-users] Again: RT using reply-to field to authenticate sender email

Joachim Thuau Joachim.Thuau at spacex.com
Fri Nov 11 12:14:29 EST 2011

On 11/11/11 8:32 AM, "Lars Reimann" <l.reimann at metaways.de> wrote:

>Hi all,
>sorry for sending it again, but so far our issue has not been discussed:
>on 29.03.2011:
>when sending an email to RT 3.8.8 we have the following problem:
>Queue address: service-abc at example.org
>Sender address: sender at example.com (known to RT, privileged, can create
>tickets, etc)
>Third party address: recipient at example.net
>Sending an email with Cc to Queue address and have Reply-to Header set
>To: recipient at example.net
>Cc: service-abc at example.org
>Reply-to: recipient at example.net
>yields "Could not load a valid user" for recipient at example.net

Is the ticket successfully created though?

>I think this may be a bug, because the original sender address is not
>used to auth against RT.
>I don't know how reply addresses are normally handled via RT, but
>auth'ing a user via the Reply-to header field is wrong because it is
>almost every time different from the "From" field and to Reply-to
>address may have no rights in RT in most cases.
>Imagine the following workflow:
>recipient at example.net is a list, I want to inform it of something while
>creating a ticket using the Cc field.
>In this case I am the requestor, emails should go to me and the Reply-to
>address could be set as CC or whatever.
>Giving the Reply-to address access to RT is impractical because it is a
>list address only.

There are option in RT to have all the users referenced in the email
(including in the To: field) added as users, so they can be added as
requestor on the ticket. I expect that in your case, the ticket is
created, but doesn't have any requestor (or just the user in the "from"
field, if it's different).

Ultimatly, the workflow you suggest would have to have that list as a
"user" in RT. So you need to figure out why the user didn't load/wasn't

I hope this helps...

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