[rt-users] Categories are based on... How to handle the same value for multiple parent categories

Jim Lesinski jim.lesinski at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 15:01:18 EST 2011


In request tracker, how would you recommend setting up your dependent drop
down lists that have a consistent drop down value for multiple parent
values? Below, under the  1st level Administration value, I show an example
of what I am asking about.

   - Hardware
      - item1.1
      - item1.2
      - item1.3
   - Software
      - item2.1
      - item2.2
      - item2.3
   - Administration
      - password reset
         - softwarename1.1
         - softwarename1.2
         - softwarename1.3
      - profile update
         - softwarename1.1
         - softwarename1.2
         - softwarename1.3

I was able to set up the outline above by using the built in "categories
are based on" option for drop down lists and entering the value one time
for each parent value. The only thing that I see as a possible issue with
doing this is that the search builder then shows the drop down text value
multiple times. Maybe just a bug or improvement that could be made in the
searchbuilder (ie; only show DISTINCT dropdownlist value)? Or should I
handle this a different way?

Either way I would appreciate your insight.

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