[rt-users] Scrip to check who updated a CustomField

Brent Wiese bwiese at ElementPS.com
Wed Nov 16 17:35:09 EST 2011

I have scrips that will check the value of a custom field and perform actions based on it.

But what I can't seem to figure out is how to show who made the custom field change.

Specifically, I'm trying to compare who updated 2 custom fields. I have a case where I have a group of users allowed to change these 2 fields, but the same user isn't allowed to change both. So I need to compare who changed the 2 fields, and if they're the same user, perform an action (ie: set ticket stalled or email adminCC's or whatever).

I'm pretty new to object oriented programming (especially under Perl), but it looks like I should be able to check "LastUpdatedBy"; I'm just not sure how.

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