[rt-users] Upgrade from 3.6.11 to 4.0.4 More Errors

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Fri Nov 18 14:03:52 EST 2011

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 10:46:04AM -0800, Jared Griffith wrote:
>    Odd number of elements in anonymous hash at /home/jared/rt-4.0.4/sbin/../lib/RT/Config.pm line
>    1071.
>    Use of uninitialized value $_[8] in anonymous hash ({}) at
>    /home/jared/rt-4.0.4/sbin/../lib/RT/Config.pm line 1071.
>    Odd number of elements in hash assignment at /home/jared/rt-4.0.4/sbin/../lib/RT/Config.pm
>    line 1072.
>    Use of uninitialized value within @_ in list assignment at
>    /home/jared/rt-4.0.4/sbin/../lib/RT/Config.pm line 1072.
>    Subroutine _InitSQL redefined at /storage/www/rt3/lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay_SQL.pm line 63.
>    Subroutine _SQLLimit redefined at /storage/www/rt3/lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay_SQL.pm line 87.
>    Subroutine _SQLJoin redefined at /storage/www/rt3/lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay_SQL.pm line 106.
>    Subroutine _OpenParen redefined at /storage/www/rt3/lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay_SQL.pm line 116.
>    Subroutine _CloseParen redefined at /storage/www/rt3/lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay_SQL.pm line 119.
>    Subroutine _close_bundle redefined at /storage/www/rt3/lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay_SQL.pm line 170.
>    Subroutine _parser redefined at /storage/www/rt3/lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay_SQL.pm line 201.
>    Subroutine ClausesToSQL redefined at /storage/www/rt3/lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay_SQL.pm line 377.
>    Subroutine FromSQL redefined at /storage/www/rt3/lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay_SQL.pm line 477.
>    Subroutine Query redefined at /storage/www/rt3/lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay_SQL.pm line 543.
>    Another fun fact is that I also moved the install from the default /opt to the /storage
>    location in the error messages. Would this be causing the issues even though when I ran the
>    configure I made sure to specify the new location?

You appear to have installed RT4 on top of an existing RT3 install

This is warned against pretty vigorously in the first part of

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