[rt-users] Questions about ExternalAuth

Bart bart at pleh.info
Thu Nov 24 03:14:26 EST 2011


I have a few questions about the ExternalAuth plugin, I'm thinking of
implementing it but I'd like to know a few things before I start:

   - Will the plugin ensure that only LDAP users can login? (I'm assuming
   - What happens if just a random LDAP user logs into RT? Will he/she be
   marked as privileged, or will they simply go to the SelfService portal?
      - I'm hoping the last + thus that a random LDAP user won't have any
      rights until I define them inside RT)=.
   - What happens when a new requestor sends an e-mail, by default RT
   creates an unprivileged user but what I'd want is that RT only creates that
   user inside its own database (not inside the LDAP). Is this how
   ExternalAuth works or will ExternalAuth try to create that user inside the
   - When I only us the LDAP for authentication, do I need to configure the
   RT MySQL database as well for information or is the DB configuration only
   required for extra databases outside RT's own database?

I wasn't able to get the above answers in the documentation, even though I
expect the answers to be pretty straight forward. I just want to make sure
that I understand the plugin correctly before I start testing it, if
ExternalAuth does things differently from what I'm hoping then I might have
to look into WebExternalAuth instead (though I'm leaving that one as a last

Thanks in advance for replying :)

-- Bart
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