[rt-users] SLA module in international environment

Bart bart at pleh.info
Mon Nov 28 08:24:58 EST 2011


Your nearly there :-)

I've had similar problems when making scrips where you compare two string
The == symbols somehow are ignored making the scrip basically execute all
if statements regardless of the condition. (kinda annoying)

I've solved this for myself by using this to compare a string:

$my_prio =~ /^Priority 1/

It lets you use regular expressions, the above states that my_prio has to
start with Priority 1.

Since your prio number is at the back using this line might be more usefull
for you:

$my_prio =~ /$1/

That should give an ok if the string inside my_prio ends with a 1.

Hope this solves it.

-- Bart
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