[rt-users] Generating tickets by redirecting mail

Bart bart at pleh.info
Tue Nov 29 03:31:01 EST 2011


Welcome to the list :)

In general, an unprivileged user needs "create" rights on the incoming
queue (the one where RT mail is send to).
This is the best way to have e-mail from non users to be received/created
by RT.

After that your regular users are then required to send e-mail to your RT
address and it should all be good.

However, there are moments where e-mail gets send to a personal e-mail
address where it should have gone into RT (or something like that). In
those cases the best way that we've found is to redirect the specific
e-mail to RT's e-mail address. That way RT will receive the mail as if it
was initially meant for RT and the original requestor gets an AutoReply
with his/her ticket number.

This redirect feature is something most e-mail clients support, for
ThunderBird you need this plugin (
https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/mail-redirect/ ). With
Apple's mail client it's a button which you can add to your interface
(feature is build in, you can see it in the menu under Message -->
Redirect). And last but not least, for MS Outlook you'll have to use the
option "Resend e-mail/message" ( some more info:
http://email.about.com/od/outlooktips/qt/et_redirect.htm ).

Doing the redirect instead of a forward makes sure that the original e-mail
stays in tact, the requestor is set to the person initially sending the
e-mail, and the requestor will receive an AutoReply with his/her ticket
number for future reference.

For as far as I know this is the cleanest way of achieving this.

-- Bart

Op 29 november 2011 08:17 schreef Stefan Vollmar <vollmar at nf.mpg.de> het

> Hallo,
> I am new on this list and I did not find a solution to our problem in the
> mailing list's archive, sorry I have overlooked something.
> We have just started using RT and are generally quite happy with our
> setup. We provide a web interface for one support queue that generates
> tickets, this works well. However, we occasionally want to open a case
> based on a mail we have received from a user (who does not have an RT
> account).
> Forwarding the mail to RT works but the content of tickets generated in
> this way is awkward to read due to the indentations (quoted text).
> "Redirecting" the mail (an option of our mail client) yields a properly
> formatted mail, also it sets the original author as requestor - which we
> find useful. Unfortunately, it requires that "everybody" needs to have the
> right to create tickets. Is it possible to work around this problem, e.g.
> have RT check that the redirected mail was originally sent to one of RT's
> regular users?
> Many thanks in advance for any help with this,
>  Stefan
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