[rt-users] RTx::Calendar in rt4

Joe Harris drey111 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 11:08:03 EST 2011

Has anyone ported the Calendar plugin to rt4?  I installed it in the
new version (4.0.4).  It shows on the home screen, but there is not a
link to the full calendar on the home screen as it was in 3.8.7.  I
did some research and found that the error we get when clicking on:
could not find component for path '/Ticket/Elements/Tabs'
is related to the difference between the new interface in rt4 and the
old one.  I found some discussions on the list about other plugins
relating to Default vs. Privileged in the Tabs directories, but have
yet to get my head around the exact way to fix it.  I am sure it is
something pretty simple, but need a little direction.

If anyone has already done this and would like to share, it would be
appreciated, if not, any input will be very helpful.



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