[rt-users] The RT Wiki - Restructure (start using categories?)

Bart bart at pleh.info
Wed Nov 30 06:44:23 EST 2011


Jay, thanks for your input. I do feel that approaching it with a blank
sheet of paper will be the best approach.

Though we'll have to use Wikia's abilities/structure, the below is aimed at
just that with a slight eye on "structuring from scratch".

*--- A rough sketch of the idea ---*
The idea I have relies allot on the categories within Wikia.

A categorie page can contain content, thus e.g. the contributions page
could instead be a categorie page with some specific information on what
you can expect, maybe some extra links to other stuff, etc. But the
difference would be that since it is now a categorie page, that all
scripts/contributions that have the categorie set to contributions would be
automatically listed on that one page. (alphabetized)

With that in mind you can quite easily create "general" categorie pages for
all major topics and have any page regarding that topic being linked to
that categorie.

The front page would then contain a hierarchical structure with links to
all the "sections" (a.k.a. categorie pages). And obviously information on
what RT is, latest news/updates/etc. Another thing which you can easily add
to the front page is an RSS feed of the Bestpractical blog, and maybe add a
feed of the RT wiki itself showing the latest updates & newest pages.
(should both be doable I think)

Other things that might be nice to add are some Wikia features for the
community to promote the usage of the RT wiki (achievements and other fun

*--- The structure (concept) ---*

Since the above shows what categories and categorie pages can do for you
it's important to create a structure (at first on paper) which will make
sure that all major topics regarding RT are covered so that any new article
can add a categorie appropriate for that specific article. (I assume that
the structure will eventually grow naturally)

Since this is just a concept I've sort of just looked at the current wiki
and tried to gather some basic topics, what I want to achieve with this
concept is to get input from others so that we can improve it further:

   - RT Basics
      - User Manual
      - Custom Fields
      - Articles
      - REST
      - RT Tool
      - RT Cron Tool
   - RT Installation (rough categories so that people can link install
   guides to an OS categorie, no more/no less)
      - Linux
      - FreeBSD
      - Other
      - Manual
   - RT Config: (a categorie for each major release)
      - RT 4
      - RT 3.8
      - RT 3.6
   - Plugins:
      - A categorie page for all plugins! This way you can link
      scrips/configs/other goodies for a plugin to that specific categorie page.
   - Scrips:
      - Basically a summary of all scrips available for RT.
   - Automation

At this point I'm blank on ideas, I'll just leave it at this and see what
responses there are. I'm pretty sure this list can be better/structured
better, but you have to start somewhere ^_~

*--- Rough plan of action ---*

This is a rather rough plan for setting up the structure:

   - Remove all current categories (double check that the categorie pages
   don't contain content of any kind).
   - Add every single page currently in the wiki to a new categorie called
      - This sounds ugly but it's an easy way of keeping track of all the
      wiki pages that still need better categorization.
      - Basically a todo list, anything still in there needs to be
      - The idea is to do a few articles each day and eventually everything
      will be nicely categorized.
   - Create all the categories which have been though of, make sure that
   theres's at least some basic information on the categorie page.
   - Modify the home page to, at first, also contain the new categorie
   structure (keep the old links for now).
   - Start categorizing anything that's still in under Archive.
   - And last but not least, at a certain point modify the front page to
   only contain the new categorie structure.

So, those are some ideas.

Time for everyone to shoot at them ^_~

-- Bart
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