[rt-users] VBA Macro to Create a ticket via REST from Outlook

Chad Osmond Chad.Osmond at compfitness.com
Wed Nov 30 10:06:52 EST 2011


Does anyone have any working samples of code that create tickets from Outlook mails via REST?
We receive mail to our personal accounts that needs to converted into tickets, we can either drag into a folder that is polled by fetchmail and passed to RT or copy and paste the ticket info. I'd like to just be able to click a button and have it work.

I used a few examples and setup a VBA macro to URLEncode the data and pass it to a perl script, which called the use RT; and new RT::Ticket method, but It was intermittently failing due to a MIME issue..

You would then select one or more message and click a macro button, which would post the mail data to the perl script, which created the ticket, but something was off and I'm not proficient in perl enough to debug it inside the MIME module.


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