[rt-users] SLA Extension - how it works (and more)

Bart bart at pleh.info
Thu Oct 6 04:50:13 EDT 2011


We've started using RT in our production environment at the start of this
week and are really happy with the breath of fresh air :-) (our previous
ticketing system really was a drag...)

As such, with al new implememtations allot of questions arrize about things
that we couldn't forsee during the testing.

One of these questions is about the SLA plugin, it works but I've now gotten
some questions about "how does it work exactly" and "does it stall the Due
date when a ticket is parked" or "on reopening, does it stall the Due date".

>From what I understand, the SLA plugin does the following things:

   - When a ticket is first created the SLA plugin makes sure that the
   Starts date is set to the first possible "Business" date (e.g. the next day
   on 8:30 in the morning).
   - It then "if configured" sets the SLA to the default value of a queue.
      - In our case, we have a scrip that sets the SLA value based on the
      combination of ticket type (Incident, Problem, Change) and
ticket priority
      (1 to 4).
      - When the SLA is set for a ticket it then sets the Due date based on
   the Starts date & takes the working hours/holidays into account.
   - In addition, on SLA change it sets the Due date accordingly (again
   based on the Starts date).

Hopefully I've got the basics right up to this poing? (correct me if I'm

Assuming the above is correct it also means that I can only answer the first
question, the other two seem to be impossible (for as far as I know).
So for this mailing list I have the following questions, and hopefully
someone can shed some light upon them:

   - Is there a way to "pause" (on hold) the SLA time, where the Due date
   during the "paused state" is increased during that status? (e.g. during
   Parked tickets)
   - And, basically the same question. Is there a way to stall the Due date
   when tickets are closed and then reopened, where the Due date is increased
   in a similar way as the above?

Hopefully there is a way :-) Thanks in advance!

-- Bart
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