[rt-users] How to sync tickets from two RT.

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You have 2 options,
1- Get the 2 organisation to use 1 RT , use groups/queues rights and permissions to do the separations, then tickets crossing organisations will be simply moving queue.

2- Option 2 is have a queue for org B on RT-A B , and set up on Queue change/Correspondence and Comments queue scrips that use the REST interface to create or update tickets in RT-B

I use option 1 for the different brands/companies that we have and I use option 2 when talking to our suppliers that have RT.


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> Hi,
> this is the case:
> we have two organizations:
> 1) A
> 2) B
> Both A and B have own RT. (A-RT and B-RT)
> This is what I would like to do:
> When people from A put ticket to owne A-RT in B queue. B-RT will take
> from A-RT this ticket and put him to B-RT.
> What tools we have make sync beteewn two RT ?
> Should we have the same RT in A nad B or we could have in A 3.8 and in B
> 4.0 ?
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